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We put food waste into sealed tanks. These are heated and mixed to create the ideal conditions for anaerobic microbes to go to work.  They break down the waste to release biogas, 60% of which is methane.

We use this renewable fuel for cooking, heating space and water and generating electricity, depending on the site requirements.


Our automated systems monitor the biogas as well as conditions inside the digester to make sure the process is running smoothly. We build control systems to automate gas use so that nothing is wasted.

The microbes transform the remaining food waste into a liquid fertiliser called digestate, which can be used as a rich source of nutrients to grow fresh produce in small urban farming plots, polytunnels and hydroponic systems.

Digestate is particularly high in nitrogen, a nutrient essential for green leafy growth. This can replace artificially produced nitrogen fertilisers, which are extremely energy intensive to make using large amounts of fossil fuels.


We have three pilot sites where we test the best methods to use biogas and digestate to optimise the closed-loop model.

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