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Site visits and presentations

Want to see what we're up to?

Choose from the packages below

Closed-loop guided tour

Come and explore our demonstration sites with a guided tour. We'll talk you though the technology, how it works, how it links with food growing, sustainability, climate change and the bigger vision. We have sites in Central and East London

Duration:      30-60 mins

Sliding-scale fee:

Groups:        £40 - 75

Individuals:  £15 - 30

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Closed-loop guided tour + practical activities

Closed-loop guided tour as above plus practical group activities. Depending on the size of your group, we'll split up into rotating groups for taster activity sessions that includes:

  • Anaerobic digestion and composting

  • Urban food growing

  • Hydroponics

  • Low cost control and monitoring

Duration:      60-90 mins

Sliding-scale fee:

Groups:        £75 - 150

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Closed-loop demonstration + practical activities + presentation

Closed-loop guided tour and practical activities as above plus a presentation where you will:

  • Learn in more depth about the various elements of the closed-loop cycle

  • Why it's important and how it fits into the bigger picture

  • Think through how to build a closed loop cycle

  • Find out about the range of closed-loop applications from urban sites and rural off-grid communities to developing countries.

Duration:      90 - 120 mins


Sliding-scale fee:

Groups:        £150 - 250

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