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Get involved

want to be part of the story?

Whether you're an individual wanting to try your hand learning practical skills or share your expertise; a company looking for a fun, team-building day or interested in donating or making an investment, there are a number of ways to get involved.



If you'd like to join us or find out more

contact Katalin

Interested in helping us make our living lab sites more productive, beautiful and biodiverse? From seed sowing to transplanting, pruning and harvesting, learn the art of food growing. 

At the Calthorpe Community Garden, a green urban oasis, we grow food for the on-site cafe using fertiliser made from the cafe's food waste. 

If you're interested in technology, you can get involved with electronics, operating and maintaining a digester, monitoring hydroponic systems at the R-Urban site.

We also need strategic skills to help develop the business case and plan ahead.

Any training courses we provide are free for volunteers. 

Volunteering sessions run on:

Mondays     11am - 2pm

Fridays         11am - 1pm

CSR Opportunities


Be part of the green revolution!

There are several ways to get involved at a level to suit your organisation such as:

  • sponsoring mini projects

  • team building corporate volunteer days

  • holding sustainability themed events and trainings at our Central London venue


Step 1:   

Step 2:

We’ll discuss the options available. Sample  projects and volunteer activities include:

  • Building an outdoor energy generating gym

  • Upcycling used timber to build outdoor furniture, window boxes etc.

  • Seasonal food growing activities

  • Helping make new raised beds and hydroponic systems

Step 3:

A more sustainable community we can all be proud to BE PART OF!




Many hands make light work! 

Open source learning can help accelerate the development and uptake of circular solutions can be shared to help create a sustainable world!


Would you like to participateDo you have experience, skills or resources that might help make an open source platform a a reality? 

If you are an organisation, researcher or individual trying to find sustainable solutions to the puzzles of waste, energy, food and water and think there may be synergy with what we're doing, we'd like to hear from you.

In nature, symbiosis is everywhere; take lichen, the partnership of alga and fungi, enabling both organisms to live almost anywhere; or protozoans living inside termites, helping them digest wood; and of course bees on flower pollination duty.


Collaboration helps the world go round. As humans, we evolve faster and think smarter when we work together and bridge disciplines. Working in isolation can often result in the same mistakes being made over and over again. 



IMG_2628 copy.jpg

We hope we've fired you up with our vision of the organic circular economy! 

Our work currently relies on funding and long hours! Once we become economically self sufficient, we hope to create the green training and employment opportunities that motivated us  in the first place.

If you feel inspired to support the cause, there are a number of options:

  • sharing time an/or expertise - see our volunteering section for opportunities 

  • using our services - see our products and services page for options

  • investment - if you an impact investor and are interested in the work we do, please get in touch

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