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LEAP workshop

Chelworth, Gloucester 

LEAP's workshop in the heart of Wiltshire, is where all the engineering action takes place. We are currently developing technology for several AD- focused collaborative projects, each aiming to move the circular bio-economy forwards. We are also exploring exciting combinations, integrating AD with other cutting-edge thermal approaches to valorising organic wastes. The workshop is adjacent to Alvan Blanch, a British engineering company with a reputation gained over 60 years for quality and innovation, giving LEAP valuable access to manufacturing capacity and potential global markets.

SGS Berkeley Green

Gloucester Science and Technology Park

LEAP has been given the unique opportunity to establish a presence at the new Berkeley Green University Technical College alongside organisations such as Ecotricity and Brunel University. Set in the grounds of the UK's first commercial nuclear power plant, the site has been at the cutting edge of science and technology for over 40 years and employed 2000 people before being decommissioned in 1989. LEAP plans to test its optimised AD system to help tackle the growing food waste volume as the college expands.

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