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Open source: many hands make light work!

We envision an open source platform where innovation, design optimisations, best practice, and ideas can be shared to help create a sustainable world!


Would you like to participate in a global collaboration to accelerate the circular economy? Do you have experience, skills or resources that might help make this a reality? 

If you are an organisation, researcher or individual trying to find sustainable solutions to the puzzles of waste, energy, food and water and think there may be synergy with what we're doing, we'd like to hear from you.


In nature, symbiosis is everywhere; take lichen, the partnership of alga and fungi, enabling both organisms to live almost anywhere; or protozoans living inside termites, helping them digest wood; and of course bees on flower pollination duty.


Collaboration helps the world go round. As humans, we evolve faster and think smarter when we work together and bridge disciplines. Working in isolation can often result in the same mistakes being made over and over again. 


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