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Since 2012, LEAP has been exploring the world of closed-loop organics. From an initial focus on micro AD, we have branched into urban food growing, hydroponics, digestate filtration, soil ecology, composting, community cafes and even dabbled in upcycling. This necessarily circular journey has helped highlight the very real challenges as well as exciting opportunities for the model to play a vital role in establishing more sustainable urban and rural cycles. As we move forward, equipped with learning from the last seven years, we are optimising the next generation of AD systems to address the issues identified, accompanied by a programme of training and enterprise support to empower communities towards greater self-sufficiency.

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Demonstration sites

SGS Berkeley Green

Gloucester Science and Technology Park

Calthorpe Living Lab

Calthorpe Community Garden

Camley Street Natural Park

London Wildlife Trust

R-Urban Poplar

Poplar Harca, Tower Hamlets


Lab scale digester project

University College London Academy

Mobile digester prototype

Petchey Academy

Reports and publications

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