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we design and build  bespoke solutions

We design and build equipment to order including digesters, pasteurisers, gas holders, gas storage solutions, desulphurisers etc. We can also advise on system layout and ways to better integrate AD with your site including gas use and digestate management.

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Ancillary equipment

Need a food/crop waste shredder, a biogas compression system, gas storage, a desulphuriser? We can help fill in the gaps to ensure your system runs smoothly.


Micro-scale anaerobic digesters

Looking to manage your organic waste on site? We can assess your needs and provide a solution tailored to your waste volumes and ability to utilise the by-products.

On board process.JPG

Manufacturing to order

We specialise in developing bespoke equipment for small-scale applications. Together with our manufacturing partner Alvan Blanch, we can supply equipment to suit your processing needs.


Control and monitoring systems

We build modular, low-cost  solutions that provide remote control and monitoring capacity for a range of applications including micro AD and hydroponics.

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