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Inspired by nature - SOURCE - our circular food initiative is kicking off this month with a crop of grey oyster mushrooms, locally grown in Poplar. Be the first to taste these delicious, protein-packed, nutritious shrooms!

For this harvest, you can buy in person, freshly picked at our pick up point.

This Friday 5th 11-4pm and next Monday 8th May 10-5pm!

Buy by the punnet - £2 for 150g, or larger amounts - £6 for 500g, £12 per kg. Bring your own container/bag to save on packaging. It's first come first served but if you book here, we’ll reserve your mushrooms for you. We’ll also keep you posted on other upcoming dates and if you miss this crop, you can book in advance for the next one.


  • Savour the flavour of fresh, locally harvested mushrooms!

  • From harvest to fork, reducing environmental impact with each bite.

  • Reduce food waste, one locally grown bite at a time!

  • Freshness, flavour, and sustainability - our locally grown mushrooms have it all!

  • Know your food, reduce food waste, buy locally grown mushrooms!

  • Freshness meets sustainability - enjoy our locally grown mushrooms!

  • Enjoy fresh? Want local? Like reducing waste? Love our mushrooms!


Brion Place Garages, Brion Place, E14 0SP Look for white shipping containers and raised beds in the car park next to the part of Brion Place parallel with the A12.

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