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Workshop: Clone your mushrooms with Alani Shafiq

This event is part of the Climate Matters Symposium at DGHE. This 2-day symposium is supported by the Aldgate Connect Community Fund. By exploring the topic of climate, ecology, environment and sustainability, locally and globally, the aim is to represent and explore the topic of climate change within the Aldgate community.

The objective of the "Clone Your Mushrooms" workshop is to educate individuals on the process of cloning a mushroom using low-tech methods. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to clone mushrooms for personal use and observe the expansion of the mycelial web into the substrate. Throughout the session, discussions will centre on mushroom life cycles and the advantages of cultivating fungi. Alani Shafiq (They/them) works as a Mushroom Growing Technician for MadleapAD, operating on-site in the garages at R-urban in Tower Hamlets, the borough in which they were born, raised, and still reside. They acquired their experience by immersing themselves in various eco projects in Greece, primarily FREEandREAL and The Southern Lights. Through their involvement in agroforestry, eco construction, and holistic living, they discovered their calling in the exploration of fungi and the pursuit of food justice. Alani strives to break down the pillars of capitalism and foster abundance for all living beings. You can find them on Instagram as @livaeco, and they are also affiliated with the CiC @madleapenergy.

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For those interested in collaborating or purchasing locally grown mushrooms, you can reach out to them via email at

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