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Products and services

supporting circular bioeconomy needs

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design and build

We can design and build equipment to order, from digesters to pasteurisers, gas holders, gas storage solutions etc. We can also advise on system layout and ways to better integrate AD with your site including digestate management. Have a look at some of our bespoke bits of kit.

advice and feasibility

From site assessments to feasibility studies for micro AD installations as well as hybrid renewable microgrids, we can help you decide on the best renewable solution for your site. We are keen to support initiatives that push the forefront of innovation in the organic circular economy.

training and workshops

We run training courses and workshops in food growing, composting, hydroponics,  up-cycling, sustainable cities and anaerobic digestion. These take place at our host site - the Calthorpe Project - in Central London. We can also provide bespoke training for your group. 


visit our demonstration sites

We offer opportunities to groups and individuals to come and learn more about what we do. You can visit one of our demonstration sites, have a guided tour, participate in some practical activities and/or have a more in depth presentation + Q&A session.

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